The Benefits of the Acai Berry Could Fill a Mile-Long List

There are many great benefits of adding the Acai berry to your daily diet. In particular, Acai berry juice is an ideal way to consume this great food source without having to come up with unique ways to add it to your diet.

The Acai berry is essential for helping to build strong bodies because of the protein that it supplies. Proteins are what the body needs not only for skin, hair, and nail growth but also keeps the muscles and tissues of the body working in a healthy way. There is more protein in a few grams of Acai than there is in one egg.

Acai berry juice has significant amounts of glucosamine, which is needed to strengthen bones. The berry also has Celadrin in it, which helps to hold up the body’s membranes and joints. Both glucosamine and Celadrin can keep your body strong as you age.

After you exercise it’s important that your body stocks up on minerals and essential amino acids so that it can recover correctly. The Acai berry is capable of helping the muscles to regenerate and contract after you have a good workout.

Another great benefit of adding Acai to your diet is that it’s great for increasing your stamina and energy. One of the reasons for this is there are significant levels of natural lips in the berry and these lipids are ideal for giving you the energy you need to compete in sports or even just to do make it through the day with more energy than you’re used to. As well, if you have any stress in your life the Acai berry can help to regulate this stress and then work at repairing the damage that stress has done to your body. For those couples who are living through infertility issues, the Acai berry can help to combat this. This is because infertility is often caused by pollution, chemicals, and stress and the antioxidant properties of the Acai can increase the levels of free radicals in the body. The berry is also good for improving your overall sexual health.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that so many people are buying the Acai berry is because it’s such a powerful anti-aging food source. It has the capabilities of regenerating cells in the body which is turn may slow the body’s aging process.

For men, the Acai berry is aweapon in preventing enlargement of the prostate. And the berry has just as much benefit for women’s health issues. For instance, the Acai berry contains high amounts of calcium, which means that it can help to prevent osteoporosis. The berry can also prevent bone fractures and strengthen the bones. Women with severe to moderate menstrual pain can find some relief by consuming the Acai berry. Once again it’s the calcium in the berry that is good for this, since calcium coats the lining of the uterus and the stomach which then in turn reduce the pain and discomfort of bloating and cramps.