The Belly Fat Diet

Belly fat can be stubborn. There’s no easy way to say it – the belly is a trouble area that many people are unhappy with. And what’s worse, many studies have shown fat around the midsection is more closely associated with type 2 diabetes.

If this is your area of focus The Belly Fat Diet For Dummies is a good place to start. There is an overview of the diet at this link and I hit the highlights here.

This plan includes healthy decisions with two priorities.

Avoid insulin spikes that trigger belly fat storage

Reduce inflammation that triggers belly fat storage

The plan itself is a set of rules to follow that will help you achieve these two goals. This is not a calorie restrictive plan and you should eat. Just eat the right things, mainly lean protein and vegetables. When you do eat carbohydrates (and you should, I don’t believe in cutting something out completely) pick whole grains or other healthy versions. Avoid refined and starchy carbs. You should also eat healthy fat. More and more research shows fat is needed in your diet and Omega 3 fatty acids help fight inflammation. You can get this from fish, avocado and nuts or seeds.

There are also some general rules that apply to everyone on any plan. These include drinking plenty of water each day and being active. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym each week to do this, just make sure you are at least walking around and moving enough during the day. It also promotes getting plenty of antioxidants which are great for a number of reasons. Green tea is a favorite of mine and is mentioned in the article.

If you have a lot of weight to lose in multiple places I would recommend a more comprehensive plan. But if you have already made a lot of progress and are struggling with that last bit around your midsection it’s worth it to try this diet. The Belly Fat Diet is also good if you are at your target weight and just want to maintain it with smart choices. This is really a “diet” everyone should be following for good health.