Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

How would a well-designed and technology-rich bed mattress made for extreme sleeping comfort sound? Well, fact is, we’ve heard just a short synopsis of what sleep comfort and convenience Sealy mattress can give us.

Sealy mattress has a unique feature to offer us to get rid of sleeping posture problems. It has what it fondly calls a “posturepedic” solution to sleeping posture difficulties, among other Sealy mattress features. It boasts of a three-part comfort support system which it heralds as a key to a calming sleep and sure comfort all through the sleep process. Sealy mattress engineering has been carefully done in close coordination with no less than orthopedic experts with years of orthopedic experience in actual body framework analysis and procedures.

Sleep comes in three stages: the alpha, beta and gamma sleep stages. Alpha is the initial stage that involves light sleep that has barely left the full conscious stage. Beta is half-way between initial and deep sleep. Gamma is the phase of deep sleep. If the bed mattress quality is poor, people often merely get to the alpha or beta phases and very seldom get past the beta to the gamma phase. Thus, Sealy mattress products aim, with their careful application of sleep and body posture science, to give the best quality sleep to customers.

There are several Sealy mattress posturepedic types according to bed posture needs. Sealy posturepedic body series is fitted with alignment zone features. These are applied to high quality mattresses with special cushioning materials and installation techniques for supporting specific and crucial body parts, like the shoulders, back, and loins. Then there’s also the Sealy mattress posturepedic reserve collection with employs a hi-tech conforming memory foam feature that ensures proper back support and remedies pressure points.

Sealy mattress products undergo a special process and quality check that ensures mattress quality has the following feature standards: pressure point ease and even distribution of pressures from body weight; orthopedic design considerations, body motion sensitive mattress adjustments, reduced inner spring damage due to stirring and turning; durability and long-lasting support, plus a special extra strong bed perimeter material connected to the posturepedic inner spring; patented modules that adjusts springs as pressure is sensed, and an absorbing feature that takes in weight and motion.

Sealy mattress products are carefully engineered to analyze every weight and motion pressure on the mattress inner spring and surface. This special Sealy mattress features ensure a high quality of sleep and relaxation while inclined or lying on the bed mattress.

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