Get Results with an Interval Training Workout

People try several different ways to get in shape and lose weight. Many of them buy workout DVDs, play sports or go to the gym. However, regardless of whichever one you do, one factor is important in guaranteeing that your workout actually works. That is interval training.

Interval training describes physical training that involves burst of high intensity exercise. These bursts of high intensity workouts are more frequent than low intensity bursts, and both are alternated with short periods of rest. Sometimes referred to as extreme cardio training, interval training can usually be achieved with exercise like running and cycling.

People who add interval training to their regular workout routine have found that this technique is more helpful in burning calories and fat loss than moderate workouts in the same amount of time. It stands to reason that the calorie burn rate with interval training is much higher compared to a moderate cardio workout.

People participate in high intensity workouts pushing there heart rate to near maximum. This kind of training is used by marathon runners, sprinters and most atheletes who are in need of endurance training. Personal trainers and some coaches are actually very fond of interval training due to the fact that it improves cardiovascular fitness.

Cardiovascular fitness makes completeing a workout and playing sports that much better.

Here is an example of what an interval training program may look like:

3 to 5 minutes of warm-up

One minute of high-intensity training

One minute of low intensity training

The alternation between the high and low intensity workouts should be repeated between six to eight times for optimal results.

3 to 5 minute cool down period

You can acheive maximum results with this type of training due to the fact you are doing a techniques called muscle confusion.

Interval training is very useful for increasing your endurance as well as strengthening your cardiovascular fitness. By pushing yourself almost to it’s max with interval training, you will be able to handle any low intensity workout or physical activity with ease.

This type of training program is definitely suitable for anybody who is interested in becoming very fit, whether they workout at home or at the gym. Just remember, it involves more high-intensity work than low intensity, and once you can endure that routine, you should be on your way to becoming fit.