Breast Reduction – Who agrees that plastic surgery is self destructive

I just read the article in yahoo news about Kanye Wests mom, and how she died because of complications due to plastic surgery. I AM OUTRAGED, I don’t understand why people that have plastic surgery are seen as hot. I want to know there’s still people out there that haven’t lost their minds, and believes plastic surgery should never be an option, unless it’s a deformation, or I understand a breast reduction if it begins to hurt your back… i just don’t understand, people are willing to die for beauty, they must be suicidal, am I right or what?

Public Comments

  1. well it should be an option for pple for hav been in an accident hav damaged their faces but other than that its useless
  2. i personnaly dont see anything wrong with plastic surgery, but its probably just the generation i grew up in
  3. I’m with you. Unless it is a birth defect like a cleft palate or as a result of injuries in an accident it is just too risky. I have to wonder about the self esteem of people who get cut like that. Who cares how big your boobs are? Anybody who would expect you to inflate your boobs isn;t worth your time. I saw a thing on TV about the doc who operated on Kanye’s mom. He isn’t even board certified. He’s been all over TV and Oprah has been praising him ( before the craziness with Kanye’s mom ) He’s a quack.
  4. i think that god made you the way you are for a reson so why change it no one is worth that
  5. me without Reading the whole stuff you typed here!
  6. People have options.I don’t think it was a choice until some guy invented that.And people wanted to buy.People wish they are other people.
  7. Just because some body dies in a road accident,we don’t stop using roads.Let it be a matter of personal choice including accompanying hazards.Though you have a point but it gets over ruled by freedom of choice.

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