Best Bittorrent Clients

There are numerous free Bittorrent clients available to download torrent files over the Bittorrent network. Although these programs are legal and free to use but downloading copyrighted material in countries where prohibited might cause problems to you. Thus, if you are using any of the Bittorrent clients make sure you are connected to best VPN for torrenting first. Check out the best torrenting clients of Bittorrent listed below:


uTorrent is one of the most pick torrent clients of Bittorrent for downloading and sharing torrent files launched in 2005. This granddaddy Bittorrent client is Lightweight software which gives faster upload and download rate and almost available for all platforms. It supports media play back for streaming and offers other two remarkable features like:
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This feature helps you to download automatically torrent files specifically those TV shows that are on-aired on scheduled basis.

Remote management feature

You can remotely control torrents from the web browser or any other device or PC with this cool feature of uTorrent.

VuzeVuze formerly known as Azureus first came in the market in 2003 and officially released as ‘Vuze’ in 2006. It is the most popular torrent client today. It is compatible with almost every device including Android. It offers a light weighted Android app through which you can manage and control your torrent files on your mobile device. Plus, using Vuze Android app, you remain ad-free! It enables you faster torrent downloading and other advanced features. It has 3 versions:

Vuze – free

Vuze+ – paid

Vuze Leap – free


Transmission is another great Lightweight and open source torrent client for downloading large files. This Bittorrent client is stable and very efficient that runs at excellent speed. There is also built-in web server for users to control transmission remotely through the browser.

The powerful features of Transmission includes tracker editing, watch directories, webseed support and many more. It is compatible with Mac OSX, Free BSD, Linux, Gentoo and an unofficial version for Windows. Some other cool add-ons like XMBC plugins and RSS tools make it more worth it for being the best torrenting client.




Torrent is one of the famous open-source free and light weight Torrent clients. It was released publically by Christophe Dumez in 2006. It has an easy setup and installation and can run over Mac OS X, Windows and Linux and other platforms. It contains a total ad-free interface keeping you safe from any discontinuities while downloading. It possesses many additional features through which you can boost your transfer rate 10 times faster than the usual. It is totally meant for tension-free torrenting having a built-in torrent search and a media player.


Deluge is another best torrent client not more than 10 years old. The first version of Deluge was released in 2006. It is free and open-source software that is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Debian and more. It has limited features but possesses a strong download engine hence suitable for torrenting. In spite of the full version, it offers a portable version without any installation. This light-weight, free of ad interface offer its users throttle-free bandwidth, UI split feature, remote connection, password protection and is considered to be one of the most reliable torrenting software.